Promo Shot

Dragonflight Apparel sponsor promo

Take a gander at the nifty promo shot that DA is putting out:   That’s me, chilling in the backyard with a DA Myst print shirt, skinny jeans, my favorite red sandals, and some impromptu backdrop drapery. What you can’t see is my mad dash between setting the self-timer on my camera, and getting into position. It took a few tries, for sure. But, some Instagram filtering and Photoshop work later, and voila, we have an ad!

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Book Review: Descent into Dust

Descent into Dust By Jacqueline Lepore This was a random choice from the new fiction shelf in the library. As vampire novels go, it was about average. It was entertaining, there were some thrills and scares, and it’s certainly set itself up for a series. The plot was done moderately well; it was somewhat predictable, but there was a darker/creepier tone to the book that helped me ignore that as a reader. I particularly liked how Emma, the protagonist, is known to have a mother who went mad, and so everyone around her is waiting for signs that she, too, […]

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Crafty Connections

This month I am honored to be sponsoring two fabulous blogs (look for the DA ad in the sidebars!). Little Luck Tree Shannon over at Little Luck tree runs a very positive blog sharing all things creatively inspiring (crafts, fashion, DIY projects, life thoughts, etc.). She’s got distinct style, fabulous hair that I’m jealous of, and a very upbeat outlook. Go look! You can also find her on Twitter: @luck_tree Pussy Cat Vintage The two lovely ladies (Nicole & Lindsay) at Pussy Cat Vintage have an eclectic shop full of neat vintage finds, and eclectic blog topics to match. Everything […]

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