Friday Favorites: Goodreads Bookswap

This Friday Favorite is a little bittersweet. I have been on Goodreads since July of this year (I know, late to the game) but didn’t stumble across the Bookswap they host until a few short weeks ago. And I was hooked. It’s an awesome setup. You list books you own that, for whatever reason, you are willing to swap and never see again. Someone else browses the listings on the site, finds a book you own, decides it must be theirs, and requests it. You confirm that you do, indeed, still have the book and are still willing to part with it. They pay for shipping, you print the generated shipping label, and drop the book in the mail. Voila! And vice versa. You find a book you want that someone else has listed, you request it, pay for shipping, and then await the new-to-you book with glee. I’ll admit, I love getting packages in the mail, even if it is something I paid for myself and isn’t a surprise at all. And I love books, so getting a ‘new’ book for just the price of shipping (usually $3-4) is pretty spectacular. I went on something of a bookswapping binge.

Goodreads Bookswap

So you can imagine my disappointment when I found out this week that Goodreads is discontinuing the Bookswap feature as of October 31. 🙁 The language they used in the announcement was pretty vague, but I think what it boils down to is that they weren’t generating as much profit from the feature as they would’ve liked, despite padding the shipping prices just a tad. And despite its generally diverse listings, it wasn’t as popular/well-known enough even among the Goodreads crowd as it should’ve been; Goodreads really dropped the ball on making users aware of the feature in the first place. Whatever the true reasons, as of the end of this month Goodreads Bookswap will be no more.

So of course I’m using the swap like CRAZY now, soaking up the books-for-only-shipping deals as long as I can. I will use it up until the very last minute. Then, sadly, I will have to find a new (low cost) place to feed my book addiction. In that vein, I’m taking suggestions for other good bookswap sites out there. Know/have experience with any?

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True Vintage Fashion: My Grandma

My cousin Erin scanned and posted a bunch of old family photos on Facebook. I had never seen any of these, so it was really cool to look through them – in particular, the ones of my Grandma Lori. I was really young when she died (I think only one or two?), so I don’t have any actual memories of her. And you guys? Turns out my grandma was a dish. 🙂 I’m not sure what the context of this series of photos is, but it sure looks to me like she’s purposefully modeling in some of them. And they […]

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What I Wore: Manic Monday

This past Monday (yesterday) was a bit crazy. I had my normal freelance work to do, chores around the house, errands outside of the house, a last-minute meeting with a client, and a critique group with my fellow writers. I needed something comfortable for the out-and-about and in-home productivity, but also something professional/put-together for the client meeting. And hey, everyone likes to look cute when they’re out with their friends/colleagues. This is what I ended up with. It’s a fairly muted palette, but I’m pretty satisfied it met all three standards: Colors: Natural, Black, Denim, Brown Toned Accessories Tops: ModCloth’s […]

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October Connections

This month I am honored to be sponsoring FIVE fabulous blogs! Look for the DA ad in the sidebars of these wonderful sites, and watch for their sponsor-themed giveaways/coupon codes to snag some DA swag. After Nine to Five Ashley from After Nine to Five is the queen of self-employment, better blogging tips, fun guest posts, awesome giveaways, and yummy things. She also offers e-books and e-courses, and has a shop full of accessories and prints. Plus she’s just a cool, friendly chica. 🙂 Go check out her site, you won’t regret it. You can also find her on Twitter: […]

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Photo Fun

I give the cameraman some attitude.

We had a big ol’ photo shoot today, as I had some new items to add to the shop and also decided to re-photograph everything else in the shop in the beautiful fall sunshine. My boyfriend helped quite a bit (though he was grumbly when he had to be in front of the camera – boy does not like having his picture taken). So check out the shop, because it’s all new-looking and pretty. 😀 Here are some sample shots:

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