January Giveaway!

I am super excited to announce the very first ever giveaway hosted here on Dragonflight Dreams! Hurray! 😀 One lucky winner will take home all of the fun prizes. Open to international participants. The giveaway will run until midnight on Jan. 25, with the winner being announced on the 26th. What are you waiting for? Check out the prizes and then enter via Rafflecopter below!

Mama’s Nest Designs is filled with handcrafted, unique jewelry made with new and upcycled elements. Each piece is created with love. I have a few necklaces that she made, and they are awesome. For this giveaway, Tricia is giving our lucky winner one pair of earrings of their choice from her shop! Sweet!

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Dragonflight Dreams (ahem, me) is giving away one completely unique, custom, made-to-order tote bag! Pick your tote color (I will send full color list to the winner), the design you want (from existing designs), the ink color you want, and DA will print it up. Get a one-of-a-kind tote for yourself, or as a gift to a friend or family member. If I don’t have your chosen tote in stock, it may take a bit longer to make and get to you, just a heads up. Ink is heat-set for color fastness, so all totes can be laundered as normal, if needed.

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The winner will also receive a $25 gift certificate to ModCloth. Their shop is chock full of cute dresses, tops, shoes, and more. They are one of my favorite places to shop, and I’m jealous of whoever wins this prize. 😉

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Weekend Recap: Sister Time!

I had to drop my sister off at Lackland AFB yesterday afternoon, which we were both sad about. The weekend was a ton of fun! We ate tons of good food around Austin, went to karaoke, went thirft/boutique shopping on South Congress, played with doggies (mine, and a friend’s who had just adopted one), went to a dine-in movie theater to see The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, and generally just hung around the house. She said it was a much-needed break from her Air Force training (only one more month of tech school to go for her!). Instagram picture […]

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Friday Favorites: Sister Time!

My lil’ sis is coming to visit this weekend! She’s been a mere 2 hours away since August, but since her life has been signed over to the USAF, her free time has generally not been her own, and so I’ve only seen her twice here in Texas. But this weekend she has a 3-day weekend off, and is coming up to Austin to visit! 😀 More correctly, I’m driving down to Lackland AFB to pick her up and then bringing her back to Austin, but same result. Should be fun! She’s never been to visit me here in Austin, […]

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Thought for Thursday: Split Personalities?

via I’m not sure if many of you know this, but Dragonflight Dreams is actually the 3rd blog I own (and the @DragonflightGal account is my 3rd twitter account, correspondingly). I have a LOT of different interests in life, and they don’t always blend or overlap neatly. Nor are the prospective audiences for each the same. This has led to a kind of division regarding where I talk about what. Here’s the breakdown: My Professional Site & Professional Twitter: This is where I run my freelance graphic design business from. Granted, it is by far the most neglected of the […]

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January’s Fabulous Sponsors

Nicole from Pussy Cat Vintage

Come meet the fabulous ladies sponsoring my blog this month! This is a great group of gals (yay alliteration!), and you should certainly check out their blogs and shops, and say hi to them on Twitter. A few of the ladies are even offering discount codes, so don’t miss out on that! Aside from the normal intro paragraph and links, I also asked the group a few fun questions – see their answers below. 🙂 Also: have you signed up for the Be My Valentine Gift Swap yet? Why not!? Blog | Shop | Twitter | Facebook Mama Marchand’s Musings […]

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Right Now (#2)

Right now, I am… still in my pajamas, because I’m doing laundry. wishing that more people would sign up for the Be My Valentine Gift Swap. *hint hint* relieved that apparently it’s good to have a big rain right after you plant bulbs in the garden, as I just planted mine on Sunday and we had a huge storm Sunday night & lots of rain Monday. anxiously awaiting paychecks so my bank account isn’t so scary. resigned to the fact that Ian finally sucked me completely into Skyrim; I created my own character/game. hoping the rest of my wonderful sponsor […]

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Book Review: A Talent for War

A Talent for War (Alex Benedict #1) By Jack McDevitt I’ve read other works by McDevitt (the Priscilla Hutchins/Academy series, Eternity Road, Ancient Shores) and been impressed, so I finally got around to trying out his other series. The Talent for War is the first book in it, and while it is part of a series (which I haven’t read yet, so am not sure how it fits in) it could easily stand alone. Alex Benedict is left a puzzle by his late uncle that leads him to dig into events surrounding humanity’s latest war and greatest hero. McDevitt is […]

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