Five Things Friday


1. It’s amazing how productive a day can be when you get solid sleep at night. I’ve slept great all week, and I’ve gotten so much done! Quite an unusual state of affairs for this insomniac.

2. Part of my trip back home involved helping my mom go through a bunch of stuff she got from my grandma’s house. End result: I came back to Texas with a ton of new-to-me cooking and decorative stuff. This entailed a new blue speckled roaster, cast iron dutch oven, a make-your-own whip cream set, vases, a wooden picture frame my grandpa made… etc etc. I’m in the process of trying to find a place for it all in our house. Until then it is all kind of occupying the pool table.

This is only half of it.


3. I am trying to start starting a new fitness regimen. I’m going to have one day focused on leg workout & toning (Mondays), one day focused on arm workout & toning (Wednesdays), and one core/general day (Fridays) each week. I’m giving myself a recovery break day in between each one in hopes that I don’t get too ouchy sore all over and get scared off of getting in shape. To this end, I went and bought myself some hand weights and a tension cord today (already have my yoga mat and exercise ball).

The means for my torture.


4. Weekend projects: to paint the screen for the new owl design. I also have an idea involving a currently ugly dress, bleach, and fabric crayons that I may try out this weekend as well.

5. We had plans to go river tubing this weekend, until we realized it’s Labor Day weekend, and will be SUPER CROWDED. No thanks. That’s not relaxing. No other back-up plans yet, but Ian does have Monday off, so I’m sure we’ll do something. 🙂 Meanwhile, here’s a cute picture of Sienna and my mom’s dog Ozzy being travel buddies last week:

Up close and personal.

Happy weekend! What are all of you up to?

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New Design: Owl

That’s right, the design I’ve been toying with forever is FINALLY done! Meet the next addition to the Dragonflight Dreams shop designs:   Pretty fierce, right? He’ll fit right in with the dragon. I plan on making the screen this weekend, and then getting to printing. 🙂  

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What I Wore: On Vacation

I have something a little different and fun for today’s What I Wore: a recap of a whole week! I took my trusty tripod & camera (and iPhone) with me on vacation last week, and thought it’d be neat to do a mini chronicle of what I wore each day. I didn’t always have the time/opportunity to use my fancy camera, but I think the idea still comes across. Behold my wardrobe in all of its vacation casual comfort: Feather print graphic tee from Target, boyfriend style jeans from Victoria’s Secret, Rainbow leather sandals (my go-to long roadtrip shoes).   […]

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Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove

This dog can do parkour (run parkour? perform parkour? what is the correct terminology here?) and it is adorable and awesome to watch. Sarah has some really good advice here: 33 Things I’ve Learned in 33 Years and here: How to Do Things By Yourself (and Actually Enjoy Them). I would not object if the US did this as well: Australian Court Bans Logos on Cigarette Packs. A thought-provoking (and possibly angry-making) read about the gradual criminalization of public photography. The Geek Zodiac. What’s your sign? I’m a Robot. Caitlin’s great post about body policing. If the parkour dog wasn’t […]

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Join Me?

If you’re interested in joining me in September – and I hope you do, I have a great month planned with 30 Lists, a poem a day goal, getting back to cooking, more shop and sewing stuff, etc! – here are the options for you to choose from: ALL SPONSORS will receive shout-outs on Twitter, the option to participate in a group giveaway (promo’d on Facebook and Twitter), the option to offer a coupon code, and a big ol’ thank you from me. 😉 A limited number of free button swaps are available each month; specific size swapped is up […]

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Texas Spotlight: Natural Bridge Caverns

Last weekend my friend Tim organized an outing to Natural Bridge Caverns, because he had not yet in his life been inside a cave and figured it was time to remedy that. Ian & I hadn’t been to this particular cave system either, so we went along. It’s about an hour and a half south of Austin, so a very easy afternoon trip. It was a fun time, and the cave systems were pretty cool. I’d recommend a trip if you’re in the central Texas area, but do keep in mind the following: Tours for these caves sell out FAST […]

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Friday Favorites: Photography

Today I’m turning over the blog to Robin, summer sponsor and photographer extraordinaire. She’s put together a great Friday Favorites for you – enjoy!   Hi everyone, I’m Robin from Around the Island Photography, one of this summer’s sponsors here on Dragonflight Dreams – that’s my badge with the poppies that you see over on the right sidebar, and thanks to the magic of the internet clicking on it will magically zap you over to my etsy shop, where you can see a wide range of my fine art, travel and nature photography as well as all occasion greeting cards […]

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