5 Things Friday

1. I am still trying to catch up on everything I missed over T-day break. I’ve managed to get the email and work stuff under control, but I’m still going through blog posts in my reader and such. It is one of my missions over the weekend!

2. I’ve got a very rough draft of the next design for the shop! It’s based on a good old quatrefoil/four-leaf clover. I’ve got to clean it up and make it symmetric, and I might add some barbs on the inner points, but this is basically it. I may make two different sizes of this.


3. This arrived in the mail today! It was one of my Black Friday treats to myself (on sale from Ideeli at 75% off!), and I love it. Being worn as soon as it’s actually cold enough to wear a jacket outside (it was nearly 80 today).


4. I totally missed Blogger Book Club stuff this month. Between travel/holiday and work, I just ended up not having much time. And the book (Gone Girl) is not a quick read. In fact, I find myself taking breaks every 50 or so pages because it’s giving me anxiety just to read it. But it’s another mission this weekend, to finish it.

5. You should go say a final hi to Nessa and Amber, who were sparkling additions to my sidebar this past month. 🙂 And then say a new hi to Kayleigh and Madison, who are new additions hanging out over there.

Other than that, this weekend’s line-up includes: coffee with friends, curry, a birthday for more friends, homemade chex mix, screenprinting, and closet cleaning-outting.

What are you up to this weekend?

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What I Wore: Black Stripes & Mustard Tights

  This week’s outfit was partially inspired by Ma Nouvelle Mode‘s Copy Cat Closet challenge, which for this week was colored tights. I’ve dipped my toe into wearing colored tights before and have several pairs, but I hadn’t had a chance to wear these mustard ones yet. Or this dress. Greyscale stripes + mustard yellow seemed like an easy win, so voila! This dress is surprisingly comfortable, and there’s just enough nip in the air that the tights are welcome. The boots are fabulous (they can be worn cuffed with the herringbone showing, or not), but have a bit higher […]

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Tuesday 10: Holiday Movies

Linking up with Lena for this week’s Tuesday 10 theme: holiday movies. I’m taking a page from her book and listing not only movies with actual holiday themes, but also movies that I like to watch this time of year OR movies that come out this holiday season that I want to see, holiday-themed or not. Mostly because I couldn’t think of 10 holiday-themed movies that I like. 😉 1. White Christmas. This gets watched every year by my family, no exceptions. I still think my younger sister and I need to karaoke that Sisters song at some point in […]

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Sunday Confessions

  1. I will probably not ever go to another high school reunion. My 10-year was this year (last night, in fact). It was the first one we’ve had, since we skipped the 5-year. And it was just weird. I feel so far beyond the person I was in high school. And yeah, people grow up and change, but it turns out that the people you didn’t have anything to say to in high school you still don’t have anything to say to (and vice versa). My graduating class was about 180 people, and maybe about 60 were at the […]

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Meet Amber!

Today I’m featuring Amber, one of my awesome sponsors this month. She’s a mom of three, military wife, kitchen dabbler and Pinspiration Project host (trying out Pinterest-inspired projects). Come get to know her!   Amber McCain Go say hi: Blog | Shop | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest I’m Amber. I’m a 27 year old mom of three. I’m married to my best friend who also makes me want to punch him usually at least once a day. We’ve been married for 6 years, happily like 95% of the time. I kid, I kid, I love him more than anything. […]

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What I Wore: Phoenix & Dots

  Also known as the outfit post where I don’t look at the camera once. I swear, I’m not trying to be pretentious. I took a bunch of pics with me looking at the camera, I just didn’t like how they turned out. Or at least not as much as these ones. But anyway… This is what I wore on Monday, and I love how this outfit came together. I was looking for a new way to wear this phoenix shirt, since it’s one of my favorites. I’ve worn it with regular bootcut jeans, skinny jeans, and a grey maxi […]

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Tuesday Treasure Trove

This week’s round-up of readworthy things is all about Turkey Day. Some of my favorite T-day recipes, in case you’re still looking for inspiration: Southern Sweet Potato Casserole – from the family of yours truly. Rosemary Roasted Turkey – kitchen tested, Amanda approved. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Apple Pie – possibly the best apple pie I’ve ever tasted. Libby’s Famous Pumpkin Pie – easy and delicious. Various thoughts, observations, and facts: 5 Things You Should Do In Order To Have A Successful Thanksgiving – Oh, #4. 11 Interesting Facts About Popular Thanksgiving Traditions – such as: no actual proof turkey was […]

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