5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday

1. My shop is part of this fabulous fairytale giveaway, so if you’ve been eyeing that dragon print, go over and enter! Some other great fairytale-ish prizes, too.

2. Did you know Joss Whedon made a new movie? It was stealth released this past Monday on Vimeo. And it looks good (paranormal romance with lots of feels). I don’t know when that guy sleeps. But needless to say, a viewing party with a fellow Whedonite is on the books for this weekend.

3. I balanced all of my different accounts yesterday, scheduled a handyman to come fix some things, and cancelled a magazine subscription. All of which made me feel super productive and adult. 🙂

4. Gears have started turning on the more work-intensive items I want to put in the new shop. I’m looking through sample packs from local printers to see who would be a good fit for (digitally illustrated) art prints. And yesterday I started work on what will be the first blog template for sale in the shop. Exciting times!

5. Recipes will be coming back to the blog! I’ve got a new one to try out this weekend, I just have to remember to take pictures while doing it (I forget this surprisingly often when we cook something new). So there should be a new foodie post on Monday!

What are you up to this weekend? Working on anything new?


  1. Sounds like all great things! I too constantly forget to take photos while I’m making things so I rarely post recipes. I’ve been trying to remember so I can post some new ones for summer!