5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday

1. Currently sitting in my office while the A/C guys put in a whole new air conditioning system. Yeah. It crapped out Wednesday, only blowing warm air. Not the ideal situation when it’s 90 degrees outside every day. We have (had) an old system to begin with, and any fixes they did would have been temporary at best, and just need fixed again in a few months. Since Ian is tired of dealing with having to get this fixed so often, and we plan to rent this house out whenever we move to a new one, the whole system is being replaced. It’s slightly toasty and noisy while they do it (Sienna is not a fan of all the banging) but it will be a good thing long term. Oh the joys of home ownership!

2. No plans this weekend, which means that instead I’ll be tackling all of my house projects. First on my list is repainting the cement base on our back patio. I’ve been planning on it for awhile, and now I finally have all of the stuff I need (stripper, primer, paint, sealer) and some uninterrupted time, and can go to town. Then next week one day I’ll be stainless steel paint-ifying our fridge. Did you know that’s a thing?

3. The first few plants for our front flower beds arrived in the mail yesterday. They are happily ensconced. Now I’m just waiting for the big order, which had most of the plants. Then, pictures! Sneak peak of the type of planties I’m doing here:


Ignore all the writing/mark-up. That’s my planning notes. They make sense to me, I promise.

4. If, like me, you are currently suffering from a toasty house and zero desire to cook over a hot stove, I have the perfect meal line-up for you. Apples with this dip as an appetizer, these super easy slow cooker tacos as the main course (no stove needed!), and this dump-and-bake cake for dessert. The last does require the oven, but you don’t have to stand over it or anything. Anyone have any good minimal-stove-action recipes?

5. If I get my butt in gear this weekend, there will also be new prints coming to the shop. I have a whole pile waiting to be trimmed and photographed (if you follow me on Instagram, you saw). If I get that and the patio done, I will consider the weekend a productive success.

What are you up to this weekend? Working on anything new?


  1. No A/C!! That must be awful. It’s been around 88-90 degrees here for the past few weeks and I can’t handle it. As soon as it starts to get to 85 degrees I get really cranky. Those type of plants look gorgeous! Definitely take pictures once they are all planted.

    1. It was… not the most comfortable. But all better now, thank goodness. And the rest of my plants came like an hour after writing this post, so I’ve got them all in the ground now – pictures happening this weekend!

  2. We haven’t put our AC in yet as it hasn’t QUITE gotten to the point of unbearable. . .only a couple of deathly days. But by July I’ll be so glad to have it!
    And who knew you could stainless steel-ify an appliance. Crazy.

    1. Lucky! But up where you are I’m betting it doesn’t get up to over 90 degrees daily already either. 😀 And summer is just warming up here. But the A/C works now, so it’s all good.

      And yes, you can! Our fridge works fine, so we don’t need a new one, but it could definitely use a facelift. And our other appliances are stainless steel, so I’m trying it out.