July Etsy Finds

Two themed Etsy treasuries for you again this month, take a gander:


For the 7th month of the year.

Number Seven Print Vintage Style Sports Decor Birthday Decor Coastal Beach Decor Surf Decor Baby Nursery Beach Nursery Decor Kids Room Decor

Lucky 7 Jewelry- Upcycled Number 7 Black & Brass Pendant

Number 7, Plastic Wood like Finish Number 7, Vintage Number 7, Self Standing Number 7

The Lucky Seven 7 Number Monogram Linen Cotton Pillow Cover - Throw Pillow - Number Print - 17" x 17"

Number Seven Tape Measure Photo Printable Graphic

Vintage Metal Number Six or Seven Price Sign Double Sided 6 or 7 Old Gas Station Bent Number Blue & White Address Sign Plate

Typewriter Key Oak Leaf Ring Number Seven

Lucky Number Seven - Fine Art Photo on 4x6 Bamboo Panel

Modern House Number Aluminum Modern Font Number SEVEN 7 in Bronze

Number Seven Ring

Birthday Shirt - 7 year old shirt - 7th Birthday - Number Shirt - Birthday Boy, Birthday Girl - Party - Kids Tshirt Size 8 - Gift Friendly

Number 7 silver necklace - Perfect 7 number seven pendant necklace with a petite freshwater pearl - personalized jewelry gift idea

Retro Number Seven Poster - Number Poster - Custom Numbers for Your Home - Vintage Typography Posters - Number Prints

Instant Download Digital Commercial Use CU Printable Art House Number Seven Black White Street Address Sydney Australia

Vintage brass tag necklace, Lucky #7

One Vintage Three-Inch Aluminum Number Seven SHIPPING INCLUDED



The 7th month of the year was renamed Julius (July) after the death of Roman emperor Julius Caesar, as it was the month of his birth.

Julius Caesar Bronze reproduction medallion - relief sculpture - decorative art

Julius Caesar Quote Cufflinks - I Conquered Cufflinks - Men's Anniversary Gift

Julius Caesar Quote, Beware the Ides of March Cuff, William Shakespeare Quote Jewelry

1895 Roman Art, Antique Print, Tivoli Temple, Colosseum, Porta Aurea, Jupiter Temple, Julius Caesar, Agrippina, Caracalla, Pompeii, Rome

Shakespeare's Tragedy of Julius Caesar - Gollancz - McKay - ca. 1900

Antique Hand Made brass, steel and horse hair Replica Roman Centurion Helmet Prop

Roman Emperor JULIUS CAESAR Tie tack or Cuff links or Ring or Pendant or Brooch

Quote 8x10 Print, Julius Caesar  quote print Wall art Quotes and sayings Print

Bronze Green Chrysolite Veni Vidi Vici Caesar Roman Sun Jupiter Arrow Victory Ring Size 10

Caesar in Gaul. Written in Latin. Early 20th century vintage hardcover military history

Julius Caesar "Et tu, Brute" cuff bracelet Vintage style brass or stainless steel

Julius Caesar Bust (Stone Gray with Earthy Green Roman Ivy on White Tee) - Boys Tee size 4T-5T

JULIUS CAESAR – A marble bust of the Roman Emperor, after the antique, Italian studio, 1880.

Repurposed Art from Shakespearean Book of Quotes - Julius Caesar

Tiberius Caesar Cufflinks in solid sterling silver Free Shipping

Julius CAESAR, The Noblest Roman of Them All - General, Statesman, Consul, Author, Original 1933 Book plate


What does July make you think of?

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Book Review: Archon


Archon (The Books of Raziel #1) by Sabrina Benulis. Archon is book one in a series about Angela Mathers, a troubled young woman who dreams of angels and is apparently unkillable (she knows, she’s tried). The book starts as she’s released from a mental institution and starting out at a new university, West Wood Academy, a priest-run school for blood heads like her (red-headed children with powers). Society sends all such children to one place, because one of them is going to be the prophesied Archon, who will unlock the lost book of the archangel Raziel and have the power […]

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Anjolee Jewelry

I was provided a free necklace from Anjolee in exchange for an honest review. Ok, let me start this off by saying that my clothing/jewelry budget does not leave me in any position to be buying diamond jewelry, of any kind. However, I like to window shop as much as the next girl, especially online. And Anjolee jewelry provides an excellent daydreamy window shopping experience. When they approached me about doing a post, I was hesitant, because I wasn’t sure I’d find something that was my style (I mean, the first thing you think of when you think Amanda’s Style […]

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Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove: this week's round-up of read-worthy links.

Adorable video of the week: Just Seven Kittens Reacting in Unison to a Shiny Object. Funny gif of the week, for you Game of Thrones fans. Fascinating project/experiment: Meet HitchBot: The Robot That’s Going To Try Hitchhiking Across Canada This Summer. Behold, the Fold. One designer’s answer to clients still talking about ‘above the fold’ in regards to web design. Summary: there is no such thing anymore. Confessions Of A Binge Reader (Or, How I Read So Much). I feel like I could’ve written this. I’m totally a binge reader. Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In […]

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New Design: Frangipani


A new design! Here’s the flower that I based it off of: And here’s my design: This is a frangipani flower, though you may also know it as plumeria. I had never encountered it before doing my study abroad in Australia, and then I fell in love with it. It’s still my favorite flower, both for appearance and for scent. This design took me a bit of a different route from my norm, very minimal. But still stylized and bold, so it still fits with my other designs. Right now I only have the customizable listing ready to go, but […]

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Book Review: Dark Paradise

Dark Paradise

Dark Paradise (#1) by Angie Sandro. I received a free copy of this book for review from NetGalley. If you’re in the mood for a New Adult murder mystery romance with ghosts and Louisiana swampland ambiance, you might want to give this book a whirl. It’s the story of Mala LaCroix, last in a long line of “witch women” – except she doesn’t believe in any of that nonsense, and wants nothing to do with it. She just wants to get by: working, saving up for her criminal justice classes, crushing on George the deputy, and avoiding her drunken mother. […]

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Try the World

A few weeks ago I got wind of a new subscription box that intrigued me. It’s called Try the World, and every two months they send you a box full of gourmet foodie goodies representing a particular city around the world. They call it ‘A Taste of the World in a Box’, and for those of us not rich enough to be jet-setters, this seemed like the next best thing to taking a trip. So I signed up, and awaited my first box, which was all about Paris. This is what I got: It comes with a handy list of […]

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