Tuesday Treasure Trove

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Things of Note:

Interesting reading above, if not exactly full of feel-goods. But it’s ok, because I had an AWESOME weekend! Not only did I finally trade in my old, janky, breaking-down car for a completely NEW car (not just new to me, but actually brand new), I also officially hit 100 sales in my shop. !!!! Woohoo! And Ian finally asked his final groomsman to be his groomsman, which has taken way longer than it should. Plus movie night and book club with friends. All in all, pretty dang sweet weekend. And yes, I love my new car, though I’m still getting used to all the gadgets. I successfully synced the built-in garage door opener, though, so I’ll get there.

How about you? Did you have an epic weekend as well? 😀

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