Come Say Hi at TxSC!


This weekend I’ll be attending (and volunteering at!) the Texas Style Council conference. I’m pretty excited about it, and just a smidge nervous because, hello, introvert. But I went last year, so I know more what to expect, and know some girls attending, so it’s already that much less nerve-wracking. That being said, part of the reason behind going to a conference is to network and meet people, so please come say hi! I’ve been told by some now-close friends that I come off as a bit aloof upon first meeting, but that’s just my introverted-ness and suckiness at small talk. I promise I don’t bite! I am working on banishing the aloof exterior and approaching more people myself, too. So look for that girl in the profile picture, and come say hi. 🙂

Because of conference, networking, etc. I may have gone a bit overboard in the business card department. I have cards for the shop alone, the blog alone, my shope & blog together, and my freelance business. I know, right? But I found last year that some people were more interested in the shop than the blog, or vice versa, so I wanted to be able to just give them the card/info they were interested in. I’m not sure my freelancing cards will get much use at this conference, but they were due for a makeover anyway and this seemed like a good excuse. Take a looksie:



Top right: new cards for my shop, featuring all of my current designs.
Top left: Cards for my blog.
Bottom right: cards for the whole Dragonflight Dreams brand.
Bottom left: cards for my freelance business. And check out the edges on those:



They might by my favorite. They’re thick and hefty and just feel awesome. I’ve really fallen in love with Moo (all of the above were printed by them, and you can get 10% off following that link).

Anyway, if you come say hi, chances are you’ll end up with one of these, haha. And if for some reason you have trouble finding me, this is what I’ll be wearing to the prom-themed party on Saturday night:

TxSC Prom Outfit


Are any of you going? Hope to see you there!

2012 Posh Party. Photo courtesy of Texas Style Council.
2012 Posh Party. Photo courtesy of Texas Style Council.
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Blogcademy Austin 2013

Send me to Blogcademy! Austin 2013

If you’ve been a reader here for awhile (hey, thanks!), you know that this little blog turned 2 earlier this year. Yay! *confetti* Exciting, and humbling to see how much it’s grown. And also very thought-provoking, as I’ve been trying to figure out what direction I want to take this space, and my shop. I’m trying to integrate my day job (freelance graphic designer, for those not in the know) more into both by offering blog design services and changing up what will be featured in the shop. I love the vibe and the style of blogland. I would really […]

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Friday Favorites: Front Porch Frozen Desserts

Front Porch Frozen Desserts

I’m not sure if you know this, readers, but I have a pretty serious sweet tooth. Like, ice cream is an acceptable meal and I have a candy dish in the living room and a chocolate stash at my desk and pretty much nothing is better than a good piece of pie or cake or brownie. I love Tiff’s Treats and Lick and many other dessert-centric places. I’m still mourning the loss of The Cookie Lounge, to be honest (a build-your-own cookie bar, and then you got it fresh from the oven and still warm and gooey. SO SAD when […]

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Blanco Lavender Festival

  This past weekend, the boy and I headed down to Blanco for the annual lavender festival. We’d never been, and I was curious to see what it was like. It was a little over an hour drive out into Texas Hill Country. There’s a pretty huge market setup in downtown Blanco, and then several of the local lavender farms are open for free tours. We headed to the market first, browsing goods and eating lunch. Naturally, there were a LOT of lavender-themed foods and drinks. I tried some strawberry lavender lemonade, which was alright. We also tried samples of […]

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Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields Polyvore Set

I’m not sure if you non-Texans/Austinites know this, but lavender is kind of a big thing around here. Texas Hill Country has actual lavender farms; apparently our weather/soil is similar to areas of France where lavender is grown. This has led to a lot of local lavender and lavender-related products. In fact, we even have things like lavender margarita mix and a Lavender Festival (which I’m thinking of going to this Friday – anyone in?). So today I thought I’d share some of my favorite lavender picks in the wardrobe area, since you all know I like purple and this […]

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Skydiving Without Parachutes

So this past weekend was the boy’s birthday, and one of my surprises for him was a visit to Austin’s indoor skydiving place, Austin iFly. Yup. Skydiving without parachutes, aka. floating on 165mph winds in a wind tunnel, aka. the closest to actual free flight we’ll ever get until humans evolve wings. And it was awesome!! WAY less scary than jumping out of a plane. Picture proof: Can you tell I’m loving it? Haha. 🙂 Video proof: Ian’s second flight (he’s in red), my second flight (I’m in blue) and the instructor doing a solo show-off flight. And no, there’s […]

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Dining Passport (Pinterest Challenge)

One of the projects I picked to try out for the Pinterest Challenge was a dining passport (see the original pin here). It wasn’t too heavy on materials: just a small Moleskine notebook I picked up at B&N, and some pens I already had. It was a little more effort-intensive figuring out the places to put into it. The original poster had just listed the name and address of the place, with a grading box for when it had been visited. Given Ian’s wonky work schedule, I thought having the hours of each place listed would be handy, too. And […]

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