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31 Before 31

31 Before 31 Goals List

As promised yesterday, here is my new list of goals to (hopefully) accomplish before my next birthday. Take a vacation with just Ian (I’ve pretty much decided this will go on the list every year). Get to see my little sister. Create a lookbook for the screen printing shop. Query 6 local shops about stocking my work (breaking into wholesale!). Pay off my credit card debt. Open a retirement account. Make this blog responsive. Reach 200 sales in the screen… Read the rest ⇒

30 Before 30 Goals Recap

30 Before 30 Birthday Goals Recap

Well, as of around 5:30am this morning, Mississippi time*, I am officially 30 years old. Yup. The big 3-0. Three whole decades of life. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like that long, or that big of a deal (though that won’t stop me from milking this milestone birthday for all that it’s worth – hence 2-week staycation ). A birthday means lots of things, but here on the blog it means looking over the goals I set last year for things… Read the rest ⇒

On the Road

On the Road

Today marks the start of a two-week vacation for me, and the boy and I are kicking it off by heading down to San Antonio for the weekend. We’re going to stay in a fancy hotel, eat in the revolving restaurant at the Tower of the Americas, check out El Mercado and the Riverwalk, and just in general relax and have a good time. It’s a sort of early birthday present trip to me, as I turn 30 next week…. Read the rest ⇒

Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces

1. Three-day weekend coming up, woohoo! And then once next week is finished, I have a little two-week staycation/break from work scheduled so I can turn 30 in peace and get some much-needed down time. To say I’m looking forward to it would be an understatement. Anyone want to hop in with a guest post for the blog while I’m away? I’ll schedule probably TTT and maybe a book review, but blogging will be sparse those two weeks (Oct. 20-31)…. Read the rest ⇒

Double Down

The AC Vent

Today, I officially become a two-blog gal. I used to have a blog on my freelance site, but it went dark a while ago because I just didn’t know what to write/how to blog/how to keep up with it. I feel like writing Dragonflight Dreams the last few years has taught me some of that, and I actually have ideas for it now. So I’ve brought The AC Vent back from the dead. You can find it here, if you… Read the rest ⇒

October Shop Charity

NBCF October Shop Charity

In case you missed it at the start of the year, one of the things I’ve decided to do with my shops this year is donate a portion of all sales to charities or causes that I support. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. That combined with the fact that I had a family member who dealt with breast cancer made this month’s shop cause a no brainer. The beneficiary for October is the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast cancer… Read the rest ⇒

5 Online Tools That Make My Life Easier

5 Online Tools That Make My Life Easier

A good portion of life these days is tied into the digital world. The fact that you are here reading this blog shows that you might be more tuned in to the digital world than most – I know, shocking, but the average person isn’t a dedicated blog reader. The pace of life online is pretty fast, and things are always changing (looking at you, Facebook), but sometimes those changes are for the better. Sometimes something new comes along that… Read the rest ⇒

5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday

1. The puppy is high maintenance for the next two week. She got herself an ear infection, and also apparently dogs get seasonal allergies just like humans do. So we have an ear cream, a special shampoo, prescription pills and Benedryl. And most of those have to be attended to twice a day. Yeah. Fun times over here. Sienna is not loving it. I keep telling her she’ll love it after her ear and itchies are all better. She remains… Read the rest ⇒

New Design: Feather

feather design

The newest design slated to be added to the Dragonflight Dreams shop repertoire: If I think about a feather as an important mythological element, two things come to mind. The first is Egyptian mythology, where the hearts of the dead were weighed against a feather on the scales of justice to judge their worthiness. If the heart was lighter than the feather, it meant it was free of sin and the person could then enter the afterlife. The other is… Read the rest ⇒

September Shop Charity

Capital Area Food Bank

In case you missed it at the start of the year, one of the things I’ve decided to do with my shops this year is donate a portion of all sales to charities or causes that I support. September, aside from being the season of pumpkin spice lattes and football, is also the start of the harvest season. Fittingly, the charity I’ve chosen to support this month is all about food: the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. I know… Read the rest ⇒