The run-down on some of my projects. These can be sewing, DIY, home improvements, art, Pinterest-inspired things, what have you.

Refashion: Orange Dress

I’ve been working on my sewing skills, and here’s proof!


I went to Goodwill back in January and snagged a few items specifically for the purpose of altering and working on my sewing skills. This was the first of those to be complete. I really liked the print, and it was cotton (easy to work with), but I hated the style and shape. So, I took off some length and re-hemmed it (my first hem! They are a pain). I also cut off the attached tie-backs, and used those to make new, slightly longer straps, as the previous armholes were a bit snug. Then I grabbed this trusty red sash from my belt collection, and voila! New dress. 😀


I’m quite happy with how it turned out. It’ll be a perfect dress for summer months. I showed the finished thing to Ian and he said he couldn’t even tell it hadn’t originally come like that, which was a nice boon to my sewing ego.

Have you ever refashioned something you found at a thrift store? Any epic success stories?

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Pinterest Challenge

Janssen over at Everyday Reading (along with her sisters) instituted a Pinterest Challenge earlier this week, and I’m jumping on board. The idea is to pick 6 things from all of your many boards and pins, and actually DO them over the next 6 weeks. (and blog about it, of course) Here are my 6 things:   I picked 2 outfits to re-create (1,2), and 4 projects to try/do (1,2,3,4). So you’ll likely see approximations of the above outfits in the next few weeks, and I’ll keep you updated on how the projects go. Feel free to join in with […]

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What I Wore: Purple Maximus

  Please excuse the vaunted post title, but I’m feeling quite queenly today. And not just because purple is the color of royalty. I’m feeling like queen of my sewing machine because I made this dress!!! I know – quite the step up from making pillows. At the beginning of the month, Alyx posted an outfit featuring a maxi dress she made herself using this tutorial. She looked amazing, and the tutorial looked easy enough for me to handle. So I took myself to JoAnn’s, found this gorgeous purple colored jersey, and last night sat down to tackle it. I […]

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Craftily Saving a Swap

Once upon a time there was a girl who went to a clothing swap and was lucky enough to find a gorgeous dress in her size. She loved the dress…   …until she got it home and tried it on fully and noticed a problem.   She decided to salvage what she could of this garment and turn it into a shirt.   And so she did.   Any interesting items you’ve salvaged lately, readers?  

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Sewing Update: Elephant Pillows!

Well, my sister received her gift earlier today, so I can finally unveil my pillow-making triumph with you all! 😀 This was my first interaction with my sewing machine *unsupervised* by the training staff at Sew Much More. Meaning I was at home and did everything from threading the machine to finishing the pillows by myself. Pretty big f’in deal, in my book. And I realize pillows are the easiest of the easy of starter sewing projects, but I’m still dang proud. And my sister & her hubby loved them, so triple win.   Next up: some pillows for my […]

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DIY Coaster Photo Frames

This post originally appeared over at Easily Dunn as a guest post. Today I’ve got a simple but fun DIY for you. 🙂 Now, I don’t know how most people feel about coasters, but it’s one thing I can be a little OCD about. I hate water rings on tables, whether it’s a water-damagable table or not. So absorbent coasters are a must for me. Notice I specified ~absorbent~. I have never understood the point of glass or other sealed coasters, where the condensation just builds up and rolls off the edge onto the table anyway. Silly! A few years […]

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Sew Exciting

So, along with my new camera (which got here yesterday but I haven’t had a chance to play with much because I had to charge the battery first and was feeling crappy yesterday), I also picked up this beauty this past weekend: Yup. I can haz sewing machine! You may remember that this bernette 46 machine was on my Crafty Wishlist for Christmas. Well, I decided to just go ahead and get it for myself. Bernette and I are going to be BFFs someday, but first I have to learn how to use her. I’ve never used a sewing machine […]

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