Honeymoon Recap: Art

Warning! Possibly NSFW, lots of artwork with classical nudes coming up.

I am a designer, with a pretty good studio arts and art history background, so it’s no wonder I like to visit art museums. The surprise is that Ian, a very math-and-logic engineer type, LOVES art museums. So of course, on his first ever trip to Europe for our honeymoon, we had to fit in some of the art heavy hitters: the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and the Louvre Museum in Paris. There of course is art everywhere over there, but here are some highlights. Again, lots of pictures, so more info in captions, and click to view bigger versions.

Other honeymoon photo round-ups: Food, and Scenery.


Have you ever gotten to see one of your favorite pieces of art in person?

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New Prints

Well, I finally got around to photographing all of the new prints I’ve been churning out for the upcoming craft show. And listings have started to go up in the shop. Here’s a peek at a few: More will be coming as I work my way through the photos. I took something around 1100 photos (for over 100 prints total), so it’s a bit of job, to say the least. I’ve got another big batch I want to print, so there will probably be another big photo shoot, though maybe not until after the show. But today I have a […]

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The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2

I received a free copy of this book for review from Harper Voyager. This past weekend the boy indulged my fixation with dragons and took me to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. We both liked the first movie, so this wasn’t too much of a hardship for him. 🙂 I thought the first movie was a lot of fun, and the 2nd movie was a good follow-up. Still fun (and obviously full of dragons), but a little more serious and a little more mature, which fits for taking place 5 story-world years after the first movie. And I […]

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