Reusable Handwarmers

Between sewing lessons improving my skills, and being sort of broke when it came time for buying Christmas gifts, I tried to think of things I could make to give family. Now, my mom is a kindergarten teacher up in Ohio. They have outdoor recesses even in the winter. And my aunt lives up in Michigan, and has two young grandchildren (my second cousins?) that I’m sure love to play outside and in the snow. So when I stumbled upon this tutorial for reusable handmade handwarmers, I thought it was perfect. I had a bunch of coordinating fabric squares that I’d bought for practice (and never used, ahem) and thread and rice. I even had handmade bags to hold all of the handwarmers once I was done, from one of my sewing classes. This is how they turned out:



Not as cute as the ones in the tutorial, but still pretty darn good. And really easy to make! I added some lavender oil in with the rice so they smell slightly nice, too. So now my aunt can use them to play outside with her grandkids (and give them some, too), and my mom can keep her hands warm during recess (with many back-ups in case of losing some or giving to students). And I waited until after Christmas to post this, since I know my mom reads the blog, so no spoiled surprise! 🙂

Did you give any handmade gifts this Christmas?

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Arm Party Gift Swap

This past month I participated in the Summer Time Arm Party gift swap hosted by Leonora & Ilene, and it might have been the most fun I’ve had doing a swap to date. 🙂 As the name of the swap would suggest, this swap was all about bracelets. When you signed up, you had to include some favorite colors and your wrist size, and then the two hosts paired everyone up. The idea was to make a bracelet for your swap partner – using any DIY method you wanted, or even making more than one. If your crafty efforts fell […]

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June Foodie Pen Pal Box

This past month I participated in a new-to-me gift swap called Foodie Pen Pals, run by the fabulous Lindsay. It works the same way as a normal gift swap, except that the items being swapped are all edible – fun foodie things, local food items or even homemade treats. Here is the box I received from my foodie pal, Jennifer.   Contents Almond Butter. I had never had this before, and wasn’t sure how to eat it/what it goes with, so I just substituted it for things I normally use peanut butter for. Verdict: pretty good, though I still like […]

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Be My Valentine Gift Swap 2012

I had such fun with both the Cold Hands Warm Hearts gift swap, and the holiday gift swap through Etsy Texas Crafters, that I decided to organize one of my own! So, introducing the Be My Valentine Gift Swap! Why should Valentine’s Day be just about lovers/significant others? This Vday I thought it’d be fun to show some appreciation for fellow bloggers & crafters while at the same time supporting the handmade community. My idea is for everyone who wants to participate to create a Vday wishlist treasury of items on Etsy, and then the assigned swapper picks something from […]

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Friday Favorites: Christmas Gifts

So, as you may have assumed, we survived the trip up north. Even better, the relationship with the boy survived exposure to teen Amanda geekdom and nosy family questions. 🙂 It was a good time. I got to see my sisters and mom, and a big chunk of the extended family. I got to see my newest 9-month old cousin and play with my other 3-year old cousin, who is ADORABLE and probably the happiest kid I’ve ever met. I really should have taken pictures; I was bad about that this trip. I’m hoping my aunt posts a bunch from […]

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Cold Hands Warm Hearts Swap

This year I participated in the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap hosted by Ilene of Much Love, Illy and Sandy of Sandy a la Mode. The swap was created to keep hands warm as winter approaches and the weather gets colder, and to be a way for bloggers to make new friends across the blog world. Swap packages were to include a pair of of gloves/mittens, and then any other items you thought your partner would like. The lovely hosts paired me up with Kenyé from Glow Kouture for this year’s swap. She’s a graphic designer like me, and runs […]

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Gifts from Korea

My boyfriend FINALLY got back from the latest out-of-country-for-work stint this past weekend. He was in Korea for a whole month! It wasn’t quite as bad as last year’s trip, even though it was a week longer, because we got to video chat pretty regularly through FaceTime. And while Samsung (employer that sent him there for that long) is not on my favorite things list, the suckiness of being apart for so long does have some silver lining: 1) he’s back now and won’t get sent away again for another year, and 2) gifts! Last year he brought me some […]

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