Friday Favorites: Dotan

Thanks to the boy’s satellite radio, I can actually instantly know the band for a song that catches my attention while we’re driving somewhere. This happened with Home by Dotan the other week, and I promptly bought the album it came from on iTunes when we got home. And it’s been on repeat since then. Here’s a few of my favorites from the album 7 Layers:

Dotan by Amanda Cobb on Grooveshark

I checked out his previous album, too, but I think 7 Layers is better.

What’s caught your ear lately?

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Friday Favorites: Songs

I’ve recently stumbled into Grooveshark, and thought today I’d share some of my favorite songs. This will probably be an ever-changing and constantly updated list. But right now it has some long-time favorites, and some current obsessions. I actually get to see one of these bands this weekend (Airborne Toxic Event)! Have a listen and enjoy. 🙂 Happy weekend! Favorite Songs by Amanda Cobb on Grooveshark Any music recommendations based off of this sample of my music taste? I’m all ears! (har har) 😉  

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Friday Favorites: The Staves

Meet The Staves. This is one of my new favorite bands – beautiful voices and harmonies. They opened for The Civil Wars at the show I went to here in Austin, and I was instantly hooked. Now, normally, all-girl bands aren’t my thing. I tend towards more of the sensitive-guy-crooning-with-guitar/piano types when I’m looking for ear candy. But this is just so good. I’m anxiously awaiting a full album release, because the 3 songs on the EP can only be on repeat so many times. 🙂 Have a listen:

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Friday Favorites: Addictive Songs

Music can be very powerful to me, but it seems like most of this last year I kind of let slide my appreciation and exploration of it. So the last few weeks I’ve tried to focus on discovering a lot of new music/bands, and re-discovering some old goodies that I hadn’t listened to in awhile. I gravitate towards meaningful, well-written lyrics; good vocals, and beautiful piano or guitar melodies. I’m the type that when I hit a favorite song, it might be on repeat 6 times in a row (ok, maybe 6 is an understatement). I’m also apparently a sucker […]

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Friday Favorites: Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips

So. You’re probably wondering: who is Sam Phillips? Up until a few months ago, I was unfamiliar with her name, if not her voice and music. If you’ve ever watched Gilmore Girls, then you have an idea of her sound, because she wrote and scored music for that show for 7 years. But her solo albums (at least the ones released since 2001) are an altogether different sort of treat. I’m a big fan of this lady singer-songwriter. Not only are her music and lyrics awesome, but her voice is actually in my register (low alto), so I can sing along! […]

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