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Friday Favorites: True Opaque White


As a screenprinter, one of the trickiest things to do is print white ink on a dark fabric. Most regular white screenprinting inks are semi-transparent, which is fine for mixing with other colors and printing on lighter backgrounds. But for direct coverage on something like a black tee, a true opaque white ink is necessary. Oddly, this is a tad hard to find. The only fabric inks available at my local art supply store are Speedball brand. Speedball makes a… Read the rest ⇒

What I Wore: Something Different


Yesterday was date night once again (went to a fun Italian place called ASTI – quite good), and when putting together outfit ideas for the evening I decided to do something a little different. I’ve been mulling over Audrey’s tips for re-imagining your clothes, and after several weird layering attempts and switching out of belts, the below is what I came up with. I’ve been looking for ages for a way to wear the yellow slip that is the base… Read the rest ⇒

The Phoenix Design (for real this time)

Comparing the old design to the new.

Long-time readers may remember me mentioning the new phoenix design I’d come up with back in November, which I then promptly became unsatisfied with and put on a back burner. I tinkered with it off and on the past few months, never quite getting it to where I wanted. But, after this past weekend, I am happy to announce that I have FINALLY gotten the new phoenix design squared away. For real this time. No take-backs.   Now all that… Read the rest ⇒

Thought for Thursday: Split Personalities?


via I’m not sure if many of you know this, but Dragonflight Dreams is actually the 3rd blog I own (and the @DragonflightGal account is my 3rd twitter account, correspondingly). I have a LOT of different interests in life, and they don’t always blend or overlap neatly. Nor are the prospective audiences for each the same. This has led to a kind of division regarding where I talk about what. Here’s the breakdown: My Professional Site & Professional Twitter: This… Read the rest ⇒

New design is a go! Myst


First attempt at printing with this screen came out off-center and patchy. Second attempt went much better – measured to center and practically pounded the ink through. Result: perfectly centered and solid. Should hit the store tomorrow or Wednesday. Yay! UPDATE: New Myst-inspired design is up in the shop as of July 26! Check it out: Etsy Shop.