Book Review: Blackbringer

Blackbringer (Dreamdark Book 1)

by Laini Taylor

BlackbringerI’m a firm believer in the fact that just because something is dubbed as ‘teen’ or ‘young adult’ doesn’t mean it isn’t good, or isn’t worthy of my time as a supposed fully grown adult. Blackbringer was further proof of that. It takes place in what we are given to understand is Earth at some time in the past, but is rendered new and nearly unrecognizable from the perspective of one fairy, Magpie, gypsy granddaughter of the West Wind who travels with a ragtag group of crows in her quest to find and defeat devils loosed by the unsuspecting ‘mannies’ (humans). The particular slang and lingo that Taylor invests her characters with is entertaining and well-used. The reversal of typical themes (fairies as peaceful, crows as bad luck or similar) serve to give the story a bit of freshness, despite the obvious (inevitable?) coming-of-age and first-love themes. It was interesting, too, to see the reworking of some old myths and tales in the midst of her larger story – namely, Talon Rathersting and his woven skin, as well as the idea that the world is something woven whose warp and weft can become unravelled, to the peril of all. It also had a few unexpected plot twists, which is always a pleasant surprise for me. If not a particularly heavy read, it was still entertaining and enjoyable, full of action and magic and youthful folly/bravery. I’m keeping watch for the sequel out very soon: Dreamdark: Silksinger (Fairies of Dreamdark).

I give it a 3.5/5 stars.


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