New Stock!

blanks ready for printing!

Target had Mossimo tees (super comfy) on sale, so I stocked up. Behold all of the possibilities!

Edit: I didn’t buy ALL of these today. This is just my shelf of stock


  1. I hope the sale was good! I know the Mossimo tees have a pretty nice hand but buying retail can hurt. Look for places that’ll give you a wholesale account or I can point you in a few directions that might be less of a pinch unless the particular qualities of these guys are that dear to you. I know the feeling of the latter, as I just committed to only working with Onno bamboo shirts and they’re the priciest!

    1. I buy some wholesale, too, but I just really like the feel of the Mossimo tees, and the color selection. Plus it’s right down the street, so no shipping costs. I’m happy to take wholesale recommendations, though!