Book Review: The Ordinary

The Ordinary

By Jim Grimsley

The OrdinaryI picked this book up from the library because it had a very interesting premise: There is one world that is very science-oriented, logical, over-populated and high-tech. There is another world that is flat, plentiful, and where magic is a proven reality. And suddenly there is a gate between the two. Talk about narrative tension! The beautiful dichotomy sets up an intriguing ‘what if’ story, with likeable characters, engaging plot and just enough mystery and suspense to keep you guessing. My only critique is that the ending seemed to wrap up too quickly, and at the same time left me wondering what happens next (post-book). I won’t say too much more here, for fear of giving something away, but this is a read I definitely recommend. It makes me want to go read his other book set in one of those same worlds, Kirith Kirin.

I give it 4/5 stars.


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The Ordinary