28 Before 28

Having a birthday this past weekend inevitably made me think about what’s in store for the coming year, and what I’d like to accomplish. So here is my list of 28 things I’d like to do before turning 28 next October 23 (2012). I’ll update it as I knock things out. In no particular order:

  1. Actually plant things in the flower bed areas in the front of the house.
  2. Clean out my office closet. It’s the repository for all things I’ve saved because of the minuscule chance I might use them someday but probably won’t. This will be a major undertaking.
  3. Travel out of country.
  4. Travel somewhere new within the US.
  5. Bake a pie completely from scratch, crust and all..
  6. Screenprint something on all of the blank apparel I currently have on the shelves (45 shirts, 4 tote bags).
  7. Make double-digits in the DA shop sales on Etsy.
  8. Host a giveaway on my blog.
  9. Start offering sponsor ad spaces on my blog.
  10. Get a new office chair that is friendlier to my back.
  11. Stay consistent with Pilates (at least once a week).
  12. Obtain a sewing machine and start teaching myself to use it.
  13. Re-awaken my piano playing. I’m thinking if I play once a week, I’ll consider this met.
  14. Obtain a nicer digital camera, preferably of the Nikon SLR variety.
  15. Try one new-to-me restaurant a month.
  16. Go on a getaway/vacation with just Ian, no other family/friends.
  17. Go thrifting in Austin. I actually haven’t ever done this.
  18. Go to a pawn shop, just to see what it’s like. I also haven’t ever done this.
  19. Pay off my car loan early.
  20. Find & start using an acceptable bookswap site as a replacement for the beloved Goodreads Bookswap that will be no more soon.
  21. Go to a live concert.
  22. Go to a live comedy or theatre event.
  23. Pay down my credit card debt to less than 50% of my credit limit.
  24. Go out stargazing with a star chart.
  25. Write one poem a day for a month (which month is still TBD).
  26. Finish the screenplay that has been sitting at 60% done for far too long.
  27. Acquire 5 new long-term/repeat freelance clients.
  28. This one is secret. (My list, my rules). But if it happens there will undoubtably be a blog post about it, so not secret forever.
How about you? What do you want to accomplish in the next year?



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