Friday Favorites: Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips
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So. You’re probably wondering: who is Sam Phillips? Up until a few months ago, I was unfamiliar with her name, if not her voice and music. If you’ve ever watched Gilmore Girls, then you have an idea of her sound, because she wrote and scored music for that show for 7 years. But her solo albums (at least the ones released since 2001) are an altogether different sort of treat. I’m a big fan of this lady singer-songwriter. Not only are her music and lyrics awesome, but her voice is actually in my register (low alto), so I can sing along! None of that soprano crap. My favorite album (currently enjoying a weeks-long reign over the stereo of my car) is A Boot and a Shoe, but the album Fan Dance comes in close second.

Take a listen to a few of my favorites of hers:

Though I couldn’t find videos for a few of my other favs. :-\


    1. No problem! Hope your real internet is back up and working soon – that must be so infuriating for work. I go nuts if I can’t check my business email for a few hours!