Right Now

Right now, I am…

somehow already completely caught up on freelance work for the day.

missing my boyfriend a lot. But only 11 more days until he’s back from Korea!

thankful that it finally rained!

frustrated with my puppy, who tracked mud all over the floor because she was too wound up to sit still and let me clean her paws before going into the rest of the house.

still toying with the next design for DA, which is a phoenix.

drinking cream soda, which is my new caffeinated/carbonated beverage of choice (sorry, Pepsi. We had a good run while it lasted).

hoping we get more responses/RSVPs to our Thanksgiving day dinner.

impatiently waiting for shipment notifications on things I’ve ordered recently.

plotting Christmas gift ideas for friends and family.

both excited and nervous to try out the photo emulsion screenprinting process.

contemplating making the effort to clean off my desk.

researching setting up a Custom Order option in my Etsy shop.

worried about a mysterious charge in my bank account that is listed as coming from PayPal, yet my PayPal account has no record of it and I have no idea what it could’ve been for (support has been contacted).

writing up my Christmas card list.

doing some much-needed loads of laundry.

trying to figure out a better backing material/setup for printing things, as it’s become clear that deconstructed cardboard boxes is not cutting it for some things.

reading an intriguing historical mystery romance. Period romances are a guilty pleasure of mine. Though I don’t really feel all that guilty about it.

debating what to eat for lunch.


  1. Okay, because it sounded like there was an actual invite like on Facebook or evite or something and I didn’t get one. So, I was just curious because there were no set details at that time. Things like the time & what guests should bring & such. \

    And apparently I can’t type my own name! It was pre-filled in for me so I must have made a typo on a previous post. I type with one hand & the e & the r are right next to each other. :-p