Friday Favorites: Belts

I have fairly long legs compared to the size of my waist, so finding jeans or pants that fit right can be a bit of a problem. Generally, if they fit through the thigh and legs and are long enough, they are too big in the waist. What this means is that I end up wearing a lot of belts. I wear a belt almost every day. Pretty much the only time I don’t wear a belt is when I’m in pajamas or exercise clothes (yay elastic waists!). Since this is such a permanent fixture in my wardrobe, you can understand why it’s become one of my favorite accessories. I’ve collected quite a few cute belts, and today I thought I’d share some with you.

Wonderful waist cinchers
  1. Purple skinny belt with oval brass buckle from ByTheBelt on Etsy. This one is fairly thin, so it’s not so good at holding up pants. It is good at cinching the waist of a cute dress, though. I just wore this on date night this week, over a sweater dress. Plus, it’s purple – what more do you really need?
  2. Agreement Red Skinny Belt from A nice vibrant red color, with a suede-like finish. Nice for a pop on neutral-colored outfits, I think.
  3. Exploring the Stream Belt in Brook from This is my favorite, go-to belt – the one I can be found wearing most often. It’s a good weight of leather with a nice lace overlay – holds up the pants, and looks cute doing it!
  4. Braided Belt. This was attached to a shirt I bought from Kohl’s. Usually I have no use for the [usually cheap] belts that come attached to retail clothing, but this one has proven useful. It’s a nice buttery brown color.
  5. Hampden Woven Belt from Ruche. A wider woven belt. This is pretty nice. I prefer to wear this over something but under a cardigan, since the back of the belt is plain elastic.
  6. My Only Hope Belt from For a little Asian influence. A good wide wraparound belt. My only complaint with this one is that I can’t get it to tie/lay as nicely as the model shot.