Friday Favorites: Working from Home

This week’s Friday Favorite post will be a bit scanty, folks. I’ve been dealing with a bad head cold all week – the kind that leaves you exhausted just by standing up long enough to take a shower. But between the [lots of] napping, soups, citrus, and meds, I’ve still managed to keep on top of my freelance work, just by dint of working during the few energy bursts, and resting when I need to. This is just another example of why it rocks to work from home. I literally didn’t get out of pajamas all day yesterday, but still put in a few brief hours on the computer taking care of business. In a “normal” office job, I would’ve either had to call in sick and miss a whole day, or be miserable sitting for 8 hours at a desk. This may not seem like a huge thing, but the flexibility to take care of myself and still take care of business is one of the things I love about my job.

I’m off to nap again. Here’s a cute picture of my puppy, being a dragonslayer: