Friday Favorites: Sister Time!

My lil’ sis is coming to visit this weekend! She’s been a mere 2 hours away since August, but since her life has been signed over to the USAF, her free time has generally not been her own, and so I’ve only seen her twice here in Texas. But this weekend she has a 3-day weekend off, and is coming up to Austin to visit! 😀 More correctly, I’m driving down to Lackland AFB to pick her up and then bringing her back to Austin, but same result. Should be fun! She’s never been to visit me here in Austin, so I’m looking forward to showing her around and letting her relax, non-military style. Hurray sister girly time! Poor Ian, haha. Oh well, he’ll survive. She’s a good time.

My sister the beautiful bride and me the goofy bridesmaid
Good and windy times on the beach in Florida
Pic of us at her USAF Basic graduation (she's in tech school now)


    1. We did have a good time, thanks! 🙂 I still have to go through the list at Liz’s blog party and check people out (haven’t had much time the last few days) so I’ll let you know when I drop by!