I had to drop my sister off at Lackland AFB yesterday afternoon, which we were both sad about. The weekend was a ton of fun! We ate tons of good food around Austin, went to karaoke, went thirft/boutique shopping on South Congress, played with doggies (mine, and a friend’s who had just adopted one), went to a dine-in movie theater to see The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, and generally just hung around the house. She said it was a much-needed break from her Air Force training (only one more month of tech school to go for her!). Instagram picture proof of the fun below:

She approves of Torchy's Tacos, as well she should. Damn good tacos.

We went out for dim sum. These particular custard dumplings are suggestively shaped.

Trying out some stylish glasses at a vintage shop.

My sister came to Austin and had a three-way. 😉

My friend's new dog, Sadie, is a sweetheart.

My dog, Sienna, on the other hand is a little firecracker. Flip the hammock attack!

Me giving Sienna a hug she clearly doesn't appreciate. Uh, with my scenic kitchen as backdrop.

How was everyone else’s weekend?