Trends I Love with Abandon

  • Skinny jeans/pants. I never thought I’d jump on the skinny jean bandwagon, but I’m definitely a convert. They do amazing things for my posterior, and are easy to pair with different shoe types.
  • Colorful tights and thigh-highs. I haven’t taken as much advantage of this trend as I should. I have a drawer-ful of possibilities.
  • Ballet flats. LOVE these. Comfy and cute, without needing heels. I have about 6 pairs in different colors.
  • Lace. Show me something lacy, and I’ll probably want to own it. Can’t get enough of this.
Trends I Love



Trends I Dislike with More-than-Average Intensity

  • Rompers/onesies/jumpsuits for women. These are not flattering on anyone over the age of five. I do not understand why this is a trend, or why anyone would willingly wear one of these out in public.
  • Fabric flower/rosette anything (earrings, headbands, stuck on a dress, whatever). I’m sorry, I don’t find these cute and will never wear anything like this. You, of course, are free to.
  • Platform shoes. Not so much the platforms themselves, but the fact that they are taking over all the other cute heeled shoes, to the point that if I want to find a cute pair of heels it’s a problem to find a pair that aren’t platforms. I don’t need to be taller, thanks.
  • Elastic-waisted shirts/tunics/dresses. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but I have a fairly long torso and it frustrates me no end when there is a really cute shirt but it just looks weird on me because the elastic waist doesn’t fall at my waist.

How about you, readers? What are some of the trends you can totally get behind or wish would pass quickly?