Random Sunday Ramblings

All this past week, despite intermittent rain showers, it remained near 70 degrees outside. I was planning with glee the outfit post I was going to shoot this Sunday, featuring a very cute dress. And then today, it is only 45 degrees out. I know, I know, for most of the country that’s pretty warm. But for me, acclimated to Texas weather, that is COLD. And so dress feature is postponed. Hey, I like cute clothes, but I’m not going to freeze my butt off for the sake of fashion. I’m in corduroy skinnies and a floral thermal shirt right now.

purple cords and flowery thermal

I’m also wearing wool socks, a sweatshirt over the thermal, and no makeup, haha. Definitely more concerned with warmth than being a fashionista right now.

On the other hand, being cooped indoors today means I’m getting lots of screenprinting done. Witness:

Custom tote for a giveaway winner, going out in the mail tomorrow.
Lovebirds print, Valentines version of my Windborne print. Hitting shop tomorrow.

Also, since this post is a whole bunch of random, here are some things that have made me smile today:

  • The boyfriend nabbed the last case of cream soda for me at the store when he went for Superbowl snacks.
  • Leftover homemade curry for lunch. Nom!
  • The PuppyBowl!
  • Seeing little green shoots start to appear in the flowerbeds from where I planted the flower bulbs – yay!


  1. I know how u feel about the weather!! I’ve been loving this Texas weather! I’ve been wearing some fall outfits but today I’m totally rocking a long sleeve sweater dress with leggings! BRRRRR!

    1. I was loving it, too, and then it turned all cold again! But today hasn’t been too bad, back up to 60. 🙂 Are you in Austin, or elsewhere in Texas? Couldn’t tell from your site.

  2. I’m definitely a dresser for comfort. I live in Australia and we’re having summer at the moment. I’m kind of having the opposite problem- how do I wear cute clothes when really I want to wear nothing because it is so darn hot?! I usually end up sweltering in all my layers. Thank goodness for air conditioning!!

    1. I miss Australia!! Darn plane tickets being so much.

      My problem in the summer is that I dress for the weather outdoors, but then when I’m inside the A/C makes me shiver! Lol. 1st world problems…