Wednesday’s are our weekly date night here in the Casa de Ian & Amanda. Here’s a quick peek at what I wore last night, photos courtesy of cameraman Ian. 🙂

This is the face I get when I'm not sure if he's about to take a picture or not. Apparently he was.

The full get-up with coat and purse

A better look at my polka dot tights. And my favorite boots.

Forgot to shoot these while wearing. What? It was date night, I had other priorities.

Colors: Dusty Purple, Turquoise, Black, Taupe and Silver

Dress: ModCloth’s Freeway from Commitments Dress
Tights: Black polka dots on black tights, JC Penneys
Boots: by Report, from Victoria’s Secret
Necklace: I’ve had this pendant forever, don’t remember where I got it. It used to be on a leather thong.
Bracelet: I bought this in the Grand Caymans when we were there on our cruise in May.
Earrings: Braided hoops. I’ve had these so long I don’t remember when/where I got them.
Ring: Snake ring that I’ve had forever, I think I got it in NYC
Coat: Tailored wool trench, from
Purse: Shoulder bag from bayan hippo on Etsy