Right Now

Right now, I am…

still cringing over the fact that I had to de-skin two turkey thighs for the slow cooker meal we’re having for dinner tonight. I hate touching raw meat; usually make the boyfriend do it.

looking forward to date night with Ian (& Italian food) tomorrow night, and catching up with a good friend (& French food) on Thursday. 🙂

mentally planning my fancy outfit for the Posh Party during the Texas Style Council Blogger Conference in a few short weeks.

halfway done painting the phoenix screen.

having fun exploring the blogs/online homes of fellow 2012 ModSquad members.

kind of regretting taking on a certain design project, as it’s already giving me a headache and we’ve barely started.

playing Words with Friends (I’m ajcobby23 if you want to play).

still yawning despite having been awake for several hours and applying caffeine.

lining up sponsor placements for March. Care to join?

hoping the mix of people from our various social circles (old school friends, work friends, writers group friends) all get along at our game night this weekend.

wearing my glasses to give my eyes a break from contacts.

wanting to talk to my sister (the one that just graduated USAF security forces and is at her first station) to see how she likes her new house in Charleston.

as usual, drinking cream soda.

glad that it’s nice and sunshiny out today.

wondering if anything fun came in the mail today, as I just saw the mail truck go by.

needing to go to the library to pick up a book on hold.

not having a very motivated day, workwise.

dubiously contemplating attempting to curl my hair for date night tomorrow. I am not the most deft with hair, and it doesn’t like to do things anyway. But I keep trying.

about to go eat lunch.


  1. Jeepers, I haven’t had cream soda in YEARS. Since I was a little girl, seriously! Now I gotta try some again… I do love Root Beer with aged Vanilla though. Drool-worthy!!!

    Also, Jen’s the same way with raw meat. I normally do the raw meat-ish stuff like slicing and what not. Poor girls! 🙁 (Though I also agree, it’s disgusting. Eek!)

    1. Definitely go get some! My personal addiction is the cream soda by A&W. There is always a case in our fridge.

      My boyfriend told me he was so proud of me for de-skinning the turkey without him, haha.