Yesterday was date night once again (went to a fun Italian place called ASTI – quite good), and when putting together outfit ideas for the evening I decided to do something a little different. I’ve been mulling over Audrey’s tips for re-imagining your clothes, and after several weird layering attempts and switching out of belts, the below is what I came up with. I’ve been looking for ages for a way to wear the yellow slip that is the base of this, as well as the cardigan (which has a really fun flounce in back, though I didn’t get a picture of that). Bonus? This was actually really comfortable to wear, despite all the layers. And since I was mixing it up, I decided to make another go at curling my hair. And you guys? It didn’t turn out horrible!Β All in all, a very satisfying new look venture. πŸ™‚ Witness below:

Colors: Medium Grey, Mustard Yellow, Dark Brown, Brick Red

Cardigan: brown short-sleeved cardigan with flounced back, by A. Byer. Pretty sure I got this from Kohl’s.
Top: 1960’s vintage mustard yellow thigh-length slip, from local Austin Etsy seller Love Dove Vintage.
Belt: Braided Leatherette Belt in Brick from Forever 21
Skirt: from Target
Shoes: inherited from my younger sister. Hand-me-ups? They don’t have a brand name on them anywhere, so who knows where she got them.
Necklace: from a local store in Fredericksburg, TX.
Bracelet: from Etsy seller Kiss of Venus