Book Review: The Amaranth Enchantment

The Amaranth Enchantment

By Julie Berry

The Amaranth EnchantmentThis was another random pick through the now-defunct GoodReads bookswap, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The Amaranth Enchantment was a refreshingly unique take on the classic Cinderella story. It takes that well-known tale and turns it into a mystery. Lucinda (Cinderella) is a young girl whose parents mysteriously vanished, and is now stuck being a servant in her uncle’s jewelry shop. A day full of unusual visitors and one very unusual piece of jewelry spark a tumultuous turn of events. Her ‘fairy godmother’ sends her on some questionable tasks before helping her, requiring that she learn the skills of a pickpocket. And while there’s an aunt instead of a stepmother (no stepsisters in sight), the real villain of the story is someone else entirely. There’s a good amount of danger and intrigue, and of course some romance and misunderstandings. It is young adult, so not terribly deep, but a fun read nonetheless.

I give it 3/5 stars.


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The Amaranth Enchantment