Right Now

Right now, I am…

extremely slammed for time to get everything done before the Texas Style Council Blogger Conference claims my weekend.

at the same time, despite time crunch stress, really looking forward to getting to meet so many fabulous blog ladies there!

popping Aleve like candy. Not really, I’m following the dosage requirements. But it feels like it.

highly relieved that I got a paycheck today. Now I can actually enjoy my weekend.

glad that my friend let me do a load of laundry at his place, since our washing machine went kaput yesterday.

procrastinating on doing dishes, even though they are piling up.

debating back and forth on which dress(es) to bring to list at the Party Dresses Posh Party on Saturday night – which, by the way, even if you’re not at TxSC in person, you can attend virtually on your phone. All you have to do is download the Poshmark app from the iTunes store (for free!) and join the party at 8pm CST on the app to get the chance to buy any of the dresses I list, as well as those of other TxSC attendees and ladies across the country. How fun!

very grateful for my puppy’s cuddly moods. They may be infrequent, but they always make me feel better.

hoping all the rain and coldness in the forecast for this weekend is incorrect. I want all the visitors for TxSC to see our beautiful, sunny city!

really, really tired. I need a nap, but have too much to do.

rethinking my outfits for the weekend, due to previously mentioned coldness in the forecast.

praying that finding parking downtown for conference stuff isn’t an absolute nightmare, what with SXSW stuff starting up.

thankful that Ian said he’d handle the washing machine situation, since I pretty much won’t be home all weekend.

wistfully wishing that adults got spring break just like kids in school. Summer break would also be nice. 😀

really not as Debbie Downer all the time as this post probably makes me sound, it’s just been one of those weeks.’

very pleased with how my latest book cover design turned out. (<--- see? not Debbie Downer) excited to have rediscovered so many things in my closet when going through it all for items to list on Smashion and Swap.com.

smiling because my sleeping, snoring puppy is the most adorable thing.


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