Friday Favorites: TxSC!

Texas Style Council
This may be a bit premature to call a favorite, as I haven’t actually attended quite yet. But, judging by how excited (and a tad nervous) I am about this weekend, it should be pretty awesome. So, this week’s Friday Favorite is the Texas Style Council Blogger Conference (TxSC for short)! It kicks off tonight right here in Austin with a happy hour and clothing swap. I can’t wait to meet so many other blog ladies and see what everyone brings to the swap!
Tomorrow is the fullest day. A photography workshop in the morning, a speed mentoring breakfast, a thrifting tour/workshop and then, to cap it all off, the Party Dresses Posh Party. The cool thing about the Posh Party: not only are we all going to dress up and drink wine and mingle, but it’s also a pop-up shop / tech demo party. That means there will be booths and freebies and such, and also some shopping. And good news for you gals who, for whatever reason, weren’t able to attend: you can at least join in on the shopping part of the Posh Party via your phone! Poshmark is ‘hosting’ the party, which among other things means that we’re each bringing a party dress to list for sale through their app and at 8pm the ‘shopping party’ opens and we get to see all the lovely dresses up for grabs. But you can list and sell from home as well, if you need to clean our your closet or snag a new party dress. 🙂 Granted, I haven’t ever attended a Poshmark party, through my phone or otherwise, but it should be fun! I did have to rework my posh outfit to accomodate the forecasted cold weather, but I think I’m set now. This is the dress I’ll be listing for sale tomorrow night (a Lauren Conrad polka dot dress) and a preview of how the app works:

Sunday, thankfully, we get to sleep in before the afternoon’s Social Media Symposium, which has a lot of interesting topics and speakers lined up. Then of course there’s the goodbye party as everyone heads back to their respective homelands. Hopefully with a bunch of new friends and swag. 🙂

All in all, it will be a pretty full weekend. I’ll barely be home the entire time. Luckily, Ian has agreed to come to the Posh Party with me, so I’ll at least get to see/hang out with him a little bit. Plus see him all dressed up and swanky, which I always enjoy. 😉 I’ll have lots of photos from the weekend and a recap post sometime next week. So as of now this blog is on conference vacation until Monday! (I’ll still be on Twitter, though).

Any of you lovely readers coming to the conference?


  1. i will see you there! so many emails and to-dos…i forgot a posh party dress…but luckily i brought 3 items for the swap…so many one of those will work for posh 🙂

    1. You don’t really *have* to bring a dress to list for the Posh Party; it’s not like they’ll turn you away at the door if you don’t have one. It’s still a good ol’ regular party aside from the shopping frenzy. 😉

      Excited to meet you!

  2. I’m coming down to Austin tomorrow, and I’ll helping to represent ModSquad at the Posh Party. Hope to see you there! 🙂

  3. So great to meet you at the Posh Party! Thanks so much for your support. Can’t wait to see more of your listings on Poshmark!