TxSC Mini Recap

Things I learned from my experience at this weekend’s TxSC blogger conference:

  1. It’s harder to recognize bloggers in person based on their outfit photos/the picture in their sidebar than I had anticipated.
  2. I am still really bad at small talk and approaching people I don’t know to talk. I’m not trying to be unfriendly/unsociable, I promise.
  3. 2 hours is about my limit for really crowded, really loud parties. Then I go into sensory overload and need to get OUT.
  4. Even if you know DST is kicking in and you’re losing an hour, set a reminder! Otherwise you WILL still forget and have to miss eating a meal before rushing off to events. And then scare the person sitting next to you at the symposium when your stomach starts rumbling loudly.
  5. I will get excited about free stuff even if it’s something I would never have bought for myself otherwise.

More in-depth recap with pictures and new friends later this week. 🙂 I’m off to sleep – this weekend was good but exhausting!


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