In Other News: I feel like I need some kind of tshirt that says I Survived TxSC! It was a lot of a good fun and I made some new friends (full re-cap coming tomorrow). I can’t wait until the pics from the photo-booths are available, should be good. Also, I forgot to mention last week that I finally had my first lesson on my sewing machine! It was a LOT to take in all at once (so many tiny parts!), but I can now get thread on the thing and experiment away. I’ve picked up some fun fabric for pillows, and will be tackling that soon. Advisory: if you are a friend that lives in Austin, expect a pillow as a present for any and all special occasions in the next year or so.

We also had a break-through with Sienna. She’s been kennel-trained since she was a wee pup, which meant she got put in her kennel at night. This past weekend we decided to try leaving her out of the kennel/free to roam or sleep in our room at night. And I’m happy to report it went swimmingly. She curled up next to our nightstand and slept the whole night, the very first night! We aren’t quite to the level of trust where we’ll leave her free to roam when no one is home – baby steps.

Tonight it’s off to the wonderful Flix Brewhouse with Ian and some friends to catch John Carter, which I know nothing about other than it’s sci-fi/action-y and in 3D. But at the very least, it should be entertaining, and I will have yummy noms while viewing.

How is everyone’s week going so far? Fun plans tonight, or interesting links to share?