Blog Positivity Week

I’m joining up with Ashley of After Nine to Five (and a bunch of other ladies!) for a little something called Blog Positivity Week. It’s a week dedicated to focusing on all the good and positive things about being part of the ever-growing blog world, instead of the occasional drama or nasty comments or stress about not having enough time/ideas.

Here are some of my favorite things about blogging:

  • I’ve connected with so many other wonderful women since starting this blog. Sure, I haven’t met most of them in real life. But that doesn’t stop us from being friends, sharing ideas, sending messages of support, and more. And that is AWESOME. Just the fact that they can empathize and commiserate on the ups and downs of running something like a blog (an active one, that is) is a huge step closer than many of my friends in real life can come to understanding my daily life.
  • Having somewhere to chronicle both the big moments and small moments of life is nice. I can go back and look through the archives, and stumble upon an event I may have forgotten about, or smile at a picture I’d forgotten about. Along with that, I find I’m taking many more pictures than I used to, just on the off-chance I might want to use it on the blog. Even if I don’t end up posting, having that many more visual memories just for myself is nice.
  • Having a blog and reading so many other crafty blogs has also been great motivation to do things I’d been putting off or just not getting around to. I’m finally learning how to sew! We’ve also been cooking a LOT more around the house, and I have a whole folder of bookmarks of recipes I want to try out from others’ blog posts. Reading more style-focused blogs has also made me start tentatively branching out in my own style, which has been fun and I expect it will continue to be so. And just the extra validation for pursuing crafty hobbies (like my screenprinting) is nice, because I’ll have moods where I wonder if I’m just wasting my time (I’ve asked Ian if he thinks my screenprinting endeavors are silly on more than one occasion – he always looks baffled and says “No – why would I think that?”). But seeing so many other ladies getting their craft on shrinks that feeling down.
  • Sometimes I’ll be having a rough day, and then I’ll see that someone left a nice comment on my blog, and I feel a little better. It’s a small thing, but a good one.
  • As a professional designer, it was nice doing a web design that was completely different from what my clients usually want. Full of whimsy, but still structured – very me.

How about you, fellow bloggers? What are your favorite things about this wonderful online world?


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