What I Wore: Purple & Puppy

Spring seems to have arrived full force in Austin. My flowers are starting to come out, the weather is balmy if occasionally rainy, the days are longer. All of this means one thing: dress season! I’m excited to finally be able to wear all the shorter dresses I’ve been collecting without having to layer like crazy with tights or cardigans or whatnot. So today brings you a simple outfit post in that spirit. Who says an outfit post needs shoes? Lol. It was sporadically raining today, so I did this shoot inside, up in our loft, which I call the music room because that’s where my keyboard is, and Ian’s guitars are on the wall, though you can’t see any of that in these pics. You can see our new frames & prints from Ikea, which we just got this past weekend (love!). I hadn’t tried shooting here before, and I’m definitely going to have to again because the light was quite nice. This dress is super comfy, and was great to wear while working on the computer, pulling weeds in the garden, and just doing stuff around the house. Sienna, being her usual curious self, couldn’t help but poke her nose in. Since she was sleepy and sweet (instead of hyper), I let her up on the couch with me for some photos. This is usually a no-no, and I will probably get scolded by Ian for it when he sees this post. But it was worth it, because we got some cute photos together. See:

Lounging around in the upstairs loft.

Awkward curtsey, haha. Also, no idea what happened with my hair on the side there.

Someone was curious about all the goings ons. Also, our new Ikea prints behind us.

She actually laid down! This turned out good.

End of sitting still time

Details - necklace and belt

Colors: Lavender, Royal Purple, Antique Copper

Dress: the Anything for a Friend dress from ModCloth.
Necklace: Custom necklace made by Tricia of Mama’s Nest Designs.


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