This has been a pretty good couple of days. I’m caught up on work stuff, so I feel like I have some breathing room again. I found out I won the ISpyTxSC Blowfish Shoes contest (yay!), and am now debating which pair of shoes to pick as my prize. 🙂 Our washing machine finally got fixed. Flowers have started popping up in my garden. I finally finished my phoenix screen (last touch-ups to plug tiny holes happened today, printing tomorrow!). The USPS found a package of mine that was missing and delivered it. And today I got a message from a friend in Australia with the news that he will be in Austin in two weeks – yay! I haven’t seen him since I did my study abroad there back in 2004 and we met while scuba diving, but we’ve kept in touch. I think it might call for an Australia reminiscing post, so stay tuned for that.

All in all, an excellent couple of days. How are you doing this week?