What I Wore: Layers & Lace

It was so beautiful and sunny out today, I thought it was time to bust out this lacy flowy skirt. LOVE this skirt (you may have realized by now I have a deep and abiding love for lace). It is so comfortable and effortless, and the lace overlay gives it a subtle but interesting texture. I’m also loving this belt. I just got it yesterday; it was actually attached to a shirt I bought, and I may in fact have gotten the shirt solely for this belt, haha. While not lace, it is crochet, which is a close enough cousin. Suffice to say I’m extremely pleased with this outfit overall. And in the interest of full disclosure I will admit that I removed headband and put my hair up about 10 minutes after this photo shoot because I’d gotten all toasty running around the backyard and the hair down just felt icky afterwards.

The boy has the day off today as recompense for the night shifts he had to work last week, so it’s been a half-work, half-hangout with him kind of day. We had a lunch date out at Torchy’s, which is always a good idea. Nom. Later we’re going to go on a car-washing date. Glamourous, I know. Tomorrow it’s back to our regular scheduled programming.

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Squinting because it was bright out & I didn't have my sunglasses.

My hair looked crazy reddish today.

Colors: Rust Orange, Dark Brown, Light Cream, Bronze

Skirt: by Willow & Clay, bought on super clearance from Bluefly.
Bottom Tank: from Macy’s, ages ago.
Top Tank: from Forever 21.
Belt: This was originally attached to a different shirt I bought from Ross. LOVE it.
Necklace: from an Etsy seller that is no longer in business.
Shoes: by Colin Stuart, bought on sale from Victoria’s Secret
Headband: Freebie from ModCloth


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