Right Now

I am…

absolutely loving the text mail notification service the post office now offers for my P.O. Box. No more wasted trips hoping for paychecks only to be disappointed by an empty box!

still really tired, despite application of caffeine. I may have drunk too much wine on date night last night.

slightly annoyed with a friend who expects me to meet up with him while he’s in town this weekend, yet keeps changing plans. Not sure if it’s going to end up happening, since the boy & I have other plans to work around.

thrilled with most of the clothes swap packages I got in the mail today (a skirt, a cardigan, & a leather vest). Not so thrilled that the shoes I swapped for are NOT the size advertised. Supposed to be 8.5. Are actually size 9 and too big, which is a bummer because they are cute red polka dot flats. ๐Ÿ™ Guess I’ll re-swap them.

really enjoying the show Fringe, which the boy & I just started watching (season 1 from Netflix!) the other week.

plotting what to do with all of the lovely fabric I picked up at The Fabricker earlier this week.

wishing I could somehow teach the puppy to wipe her own paws off when coming inside from a muddy backyard.

excited to try out more Austin restaurant week goodies – went to The Backspace yesterday, hitting up Fogo de Chao this weekend, and The Melting Pot (I’ve never been!) next date night. And possibly a lunch in there somewhere too. Yay food!

impressed at how well Ian’s work does on employee perks: cheap but good hockey game tickets for this weekend, and free Sea World tickets in May. ๐Ÿ™‚

pretty satisfied with my current workload. I’m not swamped, but I’m not hurting either. I’m in a happy medium.

cannot believe that March is almost over. This year is flying!

trying out some layering for an ombre effect with screenprinting. We’ll see how this turns out.


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