Tuesday Treasure Trove

This week I’m buried in mountains of page layout for two big projects. That sounds icky, but I actually love it. Big page layout projects (i.e. magazines, books, etc.) are my favorite. So yay that! On a bummer note, it looks like all of my tulip sprouts are dying without actually blooming. 🙁 My daffodils and irises have been blooming fine, no idea what’s going on with the tulips. But it makes me sad. I’m thinking of doing the wildflower seed bombs linked above to fill in the gaping empty spots once I deadhead the tulip bulbs.

Also, the boy is on his way to the airport to pick up his college buddy, whom he hasn’t seen in a few years, I’ve never met, and will be staying with us for a few days. Commence panicked last-minute final house-cleaning. I’m sure he doesn’t care, but I do. I didn’t realize how much my mother had ingrained her “house must be clean for guests” rule until I was having house guests of my own. It’s ingrained. Deeply. I’m about to go mop the kitchen, and sweep off the front stoop, and do dishes.

How’s your week going?