Tuesday 10 – Favorite Movies

I’m joining up with Lena and several other ladies in the weekly Tuesday 10 themed posts. This week’s theme is Favorite Movies.

Choosing a favorite (or 10) of anything is hard for me, so I narrowed it down to movies that I can easily watch over and over and still love. As this list will indicate, apparently that means I’m a sucker for a good love story. I do watch other types of movies, and there are some very serious and non-romance numbers on my Greatest Movies of All Time list, but perversely the ones that move me the most (i.e. make me cry) are not ones I can watch over and over again.

So, in no particular order, here is my list:

Holiday, 1938

Holiday, with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn, both of whom were superb actors. An oldie but quite goodie. They just don’t do witty banter like they used to.

Pride & Prejudice, 2005

Pride & Prejudice. Yes, I’ve read the book, and yes, this version of the movie. I’m in the minority who thinks that Matthew Macfadyen is a more swoon-worthy Mr. Darcy than Colin Firth.

The Fifth Element, 1997

The Fifth Element. I think this was my first real introduction to sci-fi movies (saw it in theaters!), and it’s stuck with me ever since. Bruce Willis kicking butt with smart-mouthed one liners is always entertaining.

The Phantom of the Opera, 2004

The Phantom of the Opera. A classic story done stunning justice here, both visually and musically. Plus, it introduced me to Gerard Butler, who makes a delicious Phantom.

The Cutting Edge, 1992

The Cutting Edge. Rustic hockey player meets snooty figure skater. Hijinks and romance ensue. This movie still makes me wish I knew how to ice skate.

The Princess Bride, 1987

The Princess Bride. You think I need to add some sort of explanation here? Inconceivable.

The Thomas Crown Affair, 1999

The Thomas Crown Affair. Sneaky art crimes mixed with sexy romance. Plus a fun soundtrack.

The Wedding Planner, 2001

The Wedding Planner. There is an unspoken arrangement between my mom, my sisters and I, that we must notify the others by text message whenever we see this is playing on TV.

Ever After, 1998

Ever After: A Cinderella Story. While normally not a Drew Barrymore fan, I make an exception for this. I love a good fairytale re-telling that brings a new twist to it.

White Christmas, 1954

White Christmas. This must be watched every holiday season at least once. That’s my rule. Warning: you will get the songs stuck in your head. And again, they don’t do witty banter like this anymore.

If you have somehow not seen all of these, I advise you to do so at the earliest possibility. ๐Ÿ˜‰



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