Right Now

Right now, I am…

in PJ’s after my daytime outfit got soaked during puppy bath time a bit ago.

bummed for Ian because he has to go in to work an hour earlier tomorrow, which means an hour earlier bedtime for him tonight.

sketching out the next screen design for shop stuff. Any guesses as to what it’ll be?

full of yummy food from our (early) date night dinner. Few things are as satisfying as steak and garlic mashed potatoes done well. Oh, and vanilla ice cream on a warm fudge brownie. ๐Ÿ™‚

still so relieved that tax season is over. Bonus: I didn’t have to ask for an extension or payment plan for the first time since being self-employed! (that self-employment tax is a biotch) More proof that my freelance business is slowly growing.

way ahead on birthday gift shopping for several people (even one whose bday isn’t until June!).

debating on what book to start next. It’s between The Kingdom of the Gods (N.K. Jemisin), Devices & Desires (K.J. Parker), and Naked Heat (“Richard Castle”).

excited about finally hopping on the colored denim bandwagon. I couldn’t find size/color combos I needed in physical stores anywhere, so have given in and ordered online. Red and yellow, and a muted ditsy floral. Here’s to hoping they fit!

still really in love with clothes swapping. I’ve gotten some awesome things. I should probably do a feature on that at some point.

stunned to realize that my 1 year blogiversary is coming up in just a little over a month. Contemplating doing some sort of special giveaway for it.

enjoying delving into the world of Etsy custom orders. Haven’t had a bad experience yet with any of the shop owners I’ve requested one from. ๐Ÿ™‚ *knocks on wood*

trying to avoid having the still-wet puppy lay on my feet, haha.

skeptical about my upcoming StitchFix box. My first one was a total bust; hoping this one is better. BirchBox, on the other hand, has been consistently good.

looking forward to the weekend, as always. ๐Ÿ™‚


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