This is my 'blogger' pose.

I know. I didn’t think I’d ever be typing the words in that title, either. In my defense, the floral denim in question is more unobtrusive and less eye-sore-y than some out there (in my opinion). In fact, I quite like it. I stumbled upon them online whilst searching for regular solid-colored denim, and decided to get them. They arrived over the weekend, and I promptly wore them on Sunday. These got worn out for brunch, running errands, hanging around the house, screenprinting and cooking some dinner, and they held up nicely just like any non-patterned skinny jeans.

I’ve had this top (the outer one) for AGES but have never worn it until now, I think due to lack of coordinating layering tank (only more recently acquired). But it was perfect to go with this new floral jeans, so I was all sorts of happy with my outfit. And lo! A bit different on the hair front as well. Not that a regular old ponytail is all that fancy, it’s just not a style I normally wear. I think the summery day and outfit went to my head (ha, get it?).

My boyfriend was kind enough to take some pics for me since it was the weekend and he was home, so enjoy his photographic contributions below. 🙂

In the bright sunshine

Realizing my puppy is doing something she shouldn't further down the yard

Sun flares! Ian gets artsy. Probably not on purpose.

Details. Yes, my toenails are still purple. Shush.

Colors: tan, rose, off-white, bronze

Jeans: ditsy floral skinny jeans, from Forever 21
Layering Tank: from Charlotte Russe
Top: by Mudd, from Kohl’s
Necklace: mini pocketwatch necklace from an Etsy shop that is no longer open
Ring: from Etsy shop Another World Design
Shoes: by Colin Stuart, from Victoria’s Secret
Sunglasses: tortoiseshell frame sunglasses, no clue where I got them, but likely Target or similar