Sponsor Dragonflight Dreams

Interested in sponsoring me in May? And why wouldn’t you be with a overblown post title like above? (no, I am not going to start referring to my blog as The Dream) Haha. But seriously, if you’re interested, you are both smart and awesome. 😀 Hop on over to the Sponsor info page to see the rates & choices – there are plenty affordable options! Or just shoot me an email directly.

May is going to be a pretty good month, all leading up to my 1 year blogiversary on the 31st. I would love to get a bunch of people on board so I can do a big ol’ giveaway in honor of 1 whole year of blogging! I will do a giveaway regardless, but I’d love to offer more than just my own products for the big event. Also, I will be going on vacation in late May and would love to have some sponsors lined up to do guest posts as well. 🙂

Regardless, it’ll be a month full of new recipes, new outfits, new adventures, and new things in the shop. 🙂 Join in, won’t you?