Kid at Heart

Proof that I am really just a 5 year old masquerading as an adult:

Fruit snacks are an acceptable breakfast food.
I still mix up chocolate milk with Hershey’s syrup on a regular basis. My syrup-to-milk ratio is a thing of beauty. Hint: it’s heavy on the chocolate.
I love fairytales – old classics, or re-tellings with a twist. Or just anything with faeries. Or magic.
If there is a dish of free candy at a restaurant or doctor’s office, I will take a piece with no shame.
I still love playing dress-up (though it’s mostly within the confines of my normal clothes, unless it’s Halloween).
I’m eating Twizzlers right now.
I still hate going to the dentist even if everything is fine, teeth-wise.
Two words: bubble baths.
Packages in the mail, wrapped presents, and dessert are occasions for glee.
I am easily distracted (tempted) by pretty, shiny things.
I own an absurd (and awesome!) amount of fuzzy socks.
Sometimes I skip or dance around the house for no reason other than I feel like it.
I randomly make up silly nonsense-word songs, describing whatever I’m doing at that moment. I like to think the puppy is a receptive audience.
I taught the puppy to high-five instead of shake.
I still like staying up way too late to read a good book, something I frequently got in trouble for on school nights when younger.
Let’s just say it hasn’t been all that long since I’ve had ABC Spaghettios with meatballs.


  1. Love this list –I totally do a lot of these too –and my dog LOVES to high five. You can’t even say “high five” without him jumping up to give you one. Clearly I’m living the dream of the 90s!

  2. OMG. LOVE this post! What a fun list. I also make up songs and sing them – directly to the dogs. Which cracks my honey up! I think he thinks I’m insane. I also make up stories and tell them to them at bedtime sometimes… you know, like you would do with a kid. I happen to think they really enjoy it!!

    1. Haha, thanks. I think my insanity is ramped up during the day, when I’m at home with no one but the dog (since I work from home). Pretty sure if there was ever a hidden video camera installed, I’d probably be institutionalized. 🙂

  3. These are all FANTASTIC things to do as an adult … I do many of them myself. And I think we appreciate them more now that they’re not expected, right? 🙂