What I Wore: Foxy & Red

Sporting the red denim

This is what I wore yesterday for the boyfriend’s birthday festivities. We went and saw the Avengers at a local dine-in movie theater, so I didn’t need to get too dressed up, but still wanted to look nice. He delighted in calling me his ‘foxy lady’ all night, haha. The movie was pretty awesome, though don’t waste money to see it in 3D, it doesn’t add anything to it (as usual with 3D). The food was also good, as usual, and we had prime seats since I bought tickets in advance and they seat by groups based on who bought tickets first (score!). At home awaited dessert, presents and some low key birthday times. Overall, a very good night.

You may have noticed the bright red denim. Yes, I’m dipping my toes further into the non-standard denim pool. Actually, I think bright red qualifies as fully into the pool, don’t you? I’d worn them before, around the house or running errands where I didn’t actually have to get out of the car. This was my first time wearing them out in public, in full view. And I didn’t get stared at in a weird way! Maybe Round Rock is not as stuffy conservative as I thought. 🙂

Also – this fox tee. I won it in a giveaway over at Meredith’s blog, and it just came this week. So comfy, and cute – hurray for fellow screenprinters! And, these shoes are in the running for my most favoritest ModCloth purchase ever. I love them.

Just ignore the terrible condition of our lawn.

Pretty flowering tree in the neighbor's yard.

Actually looking at the camera, whoa

I think I'm looking down a lot because it lets the curly hair be all cascade-y, haha

Fun details

Colors: Red, Medium Grey, Black, Turquoise

Shirt: c/o Dowdy Studio, from a giveaway – Foxy Fox Ladies V-Neck
Jeans: In the Lipstick of Time Jeans from ModCloth
Shoes: the Breezy Does It Sandal from ModCloth
Necklace: Coin & Fan & Turquoise necklace, from an Etsy shop that is no longer open
Earrings: Turquoise drop earrings from Etsy shop Merelani Designs
Ring: Silver snake ring I’ve had forever, don’t remember where I got it
Sunglasses: Same sunglasses as always, seeing as I only have one pair. Target or similar, I think.


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