So, I attempted a new screen-making method for the elephant design, using the photo emulsion kit my sister got me for my birthday last year.

Converting design to transparency; photo-emulsified screen in water bath. Looks great, no?

And I thought it worked beautifully, until I went to print. And got this:

Ghosty shadows = misprint. Or rather, mis-screen.

Super bummer. It may be that I just messed up in the process, since it was my first time trying this method. I’m going to give it another go with the kit, but if the next screen turns out the same way, it’s back to hand-painting screens for me.

I do hate to see a shirt go to waste, though, so does anyone want this shirt? It’s a size small, spaghetti straps, built-in bra. Colors are true to pics. $12 shipped. Let me know!

It's a misprint, but still looks pretty cool. Any takers?


In other news:

I’m going to be on vacation (yay Alaska cruise!) later this month and am looking for some guest posters to fill some blank days for me. Recipes, tips & tricks lists, DIY’s, etc. If anyone is interested, please let me know by emailing me with your desired topic.

Also, my 1 year blogiversary is coming up and I’d like to do a big giveaway. I’ve got a bunch of prizes lined up from yours truly, but would love to get some other bloggers/shops on board, too. Feel like participating? Awesome. Email me and let me know.

And finally, some snaps from the weekend:

Ian's birthday dessert (reese's dessert bars) & one of his presents, & a candle.
Sienna, bored on the roadtrip down to San Antonio
The Shamu show
Sleepy otters at Sea World


  1. Alaska? So jealous. That was one option for our honeymoon. But I just booked our trip to Ocho Rios, Jamaica on Sunday – and I’m super pumped about that! Going to email you tonight!

    1. Yup, Alaska! We’re going with the boy’s family. And Jamaica!? Now I’m jealous! I bet that will be awesome.

      Did not get an email from you?

  2. What an adorable elephant design!! The color combo really works, too. Do you use that Yudu machine or something else?

    Great blog!

    1. Thanks! And I have no idea what a Yudu machine is. This was a small kit where everything is done by hand (with the exception of printing out the design on a transparency sheet). I normally do everything by hand anyway – my screens are usually hand-painted, and every shirt printed by hand. I was just trying out a new method for making the screens.

      1. ahh, neat! I keep hearing about this fancy screenprinting machine & your screen looked similar to it so I was curious 🙂 I use the photo emulsion method and handmade screens. Awesome that you hand paint them.