Right Now, I Am…

Right now, I am…

feeling good after a very fun weekend. 🙂 There was curry, movies, brunch with friends, clothes swapping, karaoke, screenprinting, puppy-walking, and time with Ian. All good things.

starting to mentally pack outfits for the cruise next week. It’s tricky! My mind thinks cruise = beachy, but this will be in Alaska, so it’s a whole different kind of wardrobe I’ll need to pack.

unsurprised that just a few days after I give in and order a pair of mint jeans online, my Target gets similar in stock for a third of the price. There was only one in my size, so I snagged it. Keeping tags on until the online ones get here, then returning whichever is less awesome.

disappointed that my wildflower seed bombs seem to have bombed. I’m not sure how long they’re supposed to take to show (let alone bloom) since the packaging didn’t say, so maybe I’m just impatient.

excited for a symphony and a movie night this weekend.

dedicating the rest of the afternoon to a serious overhaul of my closet. Trying things on to see if they still fit, being honest with myself about what I never wear, and getting rid of (hopefully) lots. Expect massive updates in my Shop My Closet / Swap My Closet soon.

waiting for the 2nd attempt at the photo emulsion-ed elephant screen to dry/harden. Then we shall see.

glad that the new shampoo for the puppy seems to have helped with her chronic itchiness. Yay happy puppy!

warming up leftovers for lunch – saffron rice and brats cooked in beer. Some kind of finger food veggie on the side, haven’t decided yet.

wearing one of my shirts (a phoenix print) and still feeling extremely pleased with how it turned out. Also, did you see I added new things to the DD shop over the weekend?

hoping Ian’s brother doesn’t snore, since we’re sharing a room with him on the cruise.

really in love with this necklace I got on Etsy.

having mixed feelings about the start of my slow work season. Summer is always slower, which is nice because I have lots of free time during the day, but is less nice from a budget standpoint.

scheduling some blog posts for when I’m gone next week. I’ve got a recipe, some blog tips, a gift swap reveal, and more in the works. Stay tuned!


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